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Title: Merck Clinical Study Report. Assessment of Differences Between Vioxx and Naproxen to Ascertain Gastrointestinal Tolerability and Effectiveness (ADVANTAGE)
Document Date: 20010329
Person Author: Geba, Greg; O'Brien, Katherine; Polis, Adam; Pyeron, Ann; Skalky, Carol
Corporate Author: Merck and Co.
Corporate Recipient: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Document Type: report, scientific
Named Person: Bellamy, N; Blyskal, Stanley; Codding, Christine; Crofford, LJ; Desir, Deborah; Dewan, Meera; Felson, David T.; Fox, Donald; Gozzi, Margareta; Greenberg, Roy; Guess, HA; Horn, Arthur; Juhlin, Roger; Khan, Misal; Khosla, Rakesh; Koval, Norman; Lee, SH; Lisecki, Edward; Lyons-Giordano, B; Maestrello, Steven; Masferrer, JL; Meade, EA; Mitchell, JA; Pacheco, Leroy; Patel, Rajesh; Popeil, Larry; Posey, Michael; Pritchard, KA; Schechtman, Joy; Shoemaker, James; Smith, Timothy; Walker, AM; Yamagata, K
Named Organization: Bristol-Myers Squibb; Merck and Co.; National Institutes of Health; Pennington Biomedial Research Center; PPD Pharmaco; SmithKline Beecham; The William Harvey Research Institute
Collection: Humeston v. Merck
Bates Number: MRKNJ0221292-MRKNJ0221423
Date Added UCSF: 20081125
Page Count: 132
Casename: Frederick Humeston v Merck & Co.; Brian Hermans v Merck & Co.
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